Illustration: Far Cri Single Art
Illustrator & Photoshop.

Commissioned for an upcoming single from dubstep artist Far Cri. Featuring 'outrun' and cyberpunk aesthetics.
Motion Graphic: US Open Spot
Illustrator, Photoshop & After Effects.

Mockup TV spot for the US Open (pre logo change, 2017). Process involved cutting out players, custom vector graphics, keyframe animation.
Illustration: Sandfly
Illustrator & Photoshop.

Depiction of a New Zealand sandfly (black fly), one of the most annoying pests in existance.
Fantasy Map: Neskavir's South Loda Coast

Political and physical map depicting the civilizations and natural features of the region. Created for D&D.
Photomanipulation: Thamato

I once turned my friend Thad into a juicy tomato to try something new.
Poster Design: Video Game World Champion
I made a letter-sized poster commemorating thestrangepie's world record speedrun of the fast-paced micro-game Samurai Lantern. I also made a knockoff poster for the runner-up, complete with a degraded 'samrui latern' logo.
Typography: Albatross
Paper & llustrator.

Circle grid-based font "Albatross" designed as part of an intro design course at NYU.
Political Stamp Design: Not My President
Presidential seal edited to represent the 2016–2020 regime. The olive branch has been replaced with ICBMs, and the latin phrase "E Pluribus Unum" has been replaced with "Salvificem Gentis" (save the nation). Red self-inking stamps were procured from a manufacturer, then distributed as holiday gifts.
Political Bumper Sticker: Well Armed Liberal
Political sticker commissioned by a rural Democrat living in the south.

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