IYA Portal: The Academy in Your Pocket
App development pitch, final presentation for tech essentials class.

Allie Corrigan and I decided to address an issue personal to us: the lack of centrality that makes it difficult for students in our program to feel connected to and up to date with academy life and offerings. I created an app mockup in Adobe XD, and designed the deck.
Adobe XD walkthrough demonstrating the main functions of the academy app.
Trail: Take a Walk
Guided tour app concept.

This walkthrough demonstrates the no-frills guided walking tour at the core of the app. Trail was destined to make users take stock of their surroundings as they make their way to a list of destinations, by de-emphasizing bird's eye maps.
UX Suggestion: Apple Music Playlists
Adding functionality to Apple Music for iPhone.

I sort new songs I find into several appropriate playlists at once. I'd love a simple way to sort my playlists when I'm scrolling through them, and an easier way to add a song to a more than one playlist without repeating the sheet opening flow multiple times.
Fullscale: Interactive Surveys
Platform development and UI mockups..

The Fullscale team honed in on multitouch, gesture-based, engaging surveys as a killer feature for bringing younger demographics into user research pools.