A Beautiful, Simple, Customizable Kitchen Multi-timer
Final presentation from the Iovine & Young Academy's Product Innovation Master's program Foundation Studio class taken as an elective.

This product design project started off as diverse sketches of kitchen products, and transformed into an iterative human-centered-design process that culminated in a kitchen multi-timer that sports a LCD pressure-writing display for labeling timers with a synchronized countdown feature.
 Throughout the semester, I reconnected with several home cooks I interviewed and surveyed to gather feedback on each stage in the design process. The Academy provided resources for fashinoning low-fidelity prototypes of Writetime out of cardboard, polyurethane foam, and provided a 3D print of the model I designed in Shapr3D on iPad. The presentation serves as a comprehensive overview of the process, from market research and blue ocean strategy, to final features and product renderings.​​​​​​​