I design and craft solutions across mediums, always eager to mix and match modalities, research methods, and presentation techniques. I love learning, and always strive to improve my process. The power of iteration and human-centered design excites me, and I love to imagine the future. I am organized, I'm "a trooper," "a powerhouse," someone who commits 100% to every assignment, project, and team.
My background includes film & tv production, linguistics, writing, and cognition. I graduated from NYU with a bachelor's degree in Language & Mind in 2017. In May 2021, I completed my master's degree at USC in Integrated Design, Business, and Technology.
Transmedia Design
• UX research, user interviews
• Interface, layout, flows
• Keynote presentations
• Vector graphics, motion
• Frontend web programming
• Video production and editing
• Research and brand writing
• 3D modeling and prototyping
• Multimedia adaptation
• Alternative futures planning
• Marketing, user acquisition
• Tradeoffs and market fit
• Brand development
• Online collaboration software
• Remote digital teamwork
• Project management
• Tech savvy and organized

What's Next
I want to leverage my skillset and interdisciplinary literacy to design solutions for companies pursuing change in their industries. 
I'm ready to design software UX/UI, solicit feedback from end users, and develop creative content for brand messaging. I want more hands on experience working within existing design systems and real-world constraints.

Foreign languages and cultures
Video games and RPGs
Consumer electronics
Writing poetry