I'm excited by the power of iterative processes and human-centered design, and I love to imagine the future. I am organized, "a trooper," "a powerhouse;" someone who commits 100% to every assignment, project, and team.
Product Owner & Product Designer
I represent our users and design solutions for their pain points. In-depth customer interviews are my favorite way to understand how our product fits into users' lives. I help to develop product goals, prioritize required development work and features, and design all UX aspects of our AI-powered whisky tasting application.
• UX research, user interviews • UI design: components, layouts, flows, prototypes for user testing • Writing and editing for brand, research, and other copy • Presentation design, scripting • Multimedia adaptation • Vector graphics, keyframe animation, photomanipulation • Front-end web styling • Video production and editing • 3D modeling and physical product prototyping
• Alternative futures planning • Marketing, user acquisition • Tradeoffs and market fit • Brand development
• Online collaboration software • Remote digital teamwork • Project management • Tech savvy and organized
• Figma, Photoshop, VS Code • Asana, Slack, GitHub, Discord • Keynote, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office • Final Cut Pro, Shapr3D • Eager to learn new software!