Freelance Frontend Web Design 
Brand-front website template redesigns, and HTML/CSS site building.
Designing and implementing site redesigns and build-outs using frontend web design expertise. Navigation simplification, language changes, site style and content reorganization to achieve customer onboarding goals. Custom vector graphics, brand graphic alterations, and custom HTML/CSS and basic JS implementation as necessary.
Site Mockups
Website skeletons created for a front end web programming class.
As part of my master's program, I've learned to build web layouts and style for a variety of different use cases, using Flexbox, CSS Grid, mobile-first breakpoint design, and patience. The webpages below were each created within a week and feature filler content. Rainforest was my final project, which features basic JavaScript (jQuery) functions for adding to cart.
Front End Web & UI Design
Websites designed with a GUI editor, and mobile app mockups.
My freelance work began with front end web design, which let me use textsetting, layout, and technical skills to create beautiful web pages in Adobe Muse—I now build in HTML/CSS. I love experimenting with permutations of every design decision, to make sure everything looks just right. I extended the lessons I learned from working on websites to other endeavors, like app and UI design in general.